Pat’s Pluming Is Your Local Gas Line Repair Expert

Pat’s Plumbing is your local, licensed plumbing company ready to help you with gas line leaks, gas line installs or gas line relocations.

Whether you need your gas piping repaired, replaced or a whole new line ran our licensed plumbers are able to take care of all your gas line needs. If you have gas already in your home we can extend the line wherever you need it. Would like to extend the line for a barbecue or a new gas fireplace Pat’s Plumbing can take care of that for you. Are you tired of your electric range or are you ready to have a more efficient house? Our gas plumbers can run gas lines to your kitchen, backyard patio or even for a gas dryer in your laundry room.

Are you thinking about trading in that electric water heater for an efficient gas tankless water heater? When switching from a standard tank water heater to a gas tankless water heater the average customer can save 64% on their energy bill. Check out the possible tax credits available.



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